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screen lock software screen lock software
Zala Keyboard Lock Software Version 1.03
Windows Lock Screen Software
Ever wanted to lock the keyboard so your kids can't mess things up when you leave the room!. I've been looking for a solution to this problem for some time as my 18 month old son cant keep his little fingers off my keyboard or the mouse. Basically what happens is when I leave the room say to make a coffee he rushes over and messes around presing keys moving the mouse etc., when I come back I find he's either restarted the machine or quit out of the program I was using at the time, thus losing any work I might of been doing .
But!, not anymore just download ant install touchlocker and it will quickly lock your screen when you leave, then it doesn't matter what anyone presses unless they know the password.

TouchLocker 1.0.3 can lock your computer. Unauthorized use of mouse and keyboard will be banned. Thus your information in computer will be protected.
Download Windows Screen Locker
1. Click the icon on the tray to access the main interface of the program. Config the Unlock and lock edition bar in the General tab. 
Set 'Lock keyboard' ,'Lock Mouse Bottons' ,'Lock Mouse wheel' ,'Lock Mouse movemnets' ,'Disable screen saver' ,'Minimize Windows when lock' ,'On Resume,Lock' true,and save it.

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