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Is your computer running slow? Regular daily use of your computer will inevitably cause it to slow down. As your computer hard disk becomes cluttered with more software and files it becomes sluggish. Each time you create documents and folders, downloaded music files from the Internet, transfer digital images from your digital camera, or transfer family video footage onto CD’s, you are using more of your computers’ hard disk storage and it takes longer to seach and find the files you want to access. Fragmentation of your hard disk is another cause for your computer running slow. The Windows® operating system stores files in different locations on the hard disk. If the stored locations are not adjacent to each other, the disk is fragmented and retrieving the files takes longer. You can use hard disk utility tools to defragment your computer hard disk regularly. This enables your computer to access files faster, however it can take several hours to completely defragment a large capacity hard disk and you would only do this occasionaly.

When the Windows® operating system starts, it also launches a number of programs automatically even if these programs are only used occasionally. This consumes the computers limited resources and will cause a slow computer startup. Your computer may also become infected with a computer virus or other malicious software, such as spyware, without you knowing it. Some computer programs will also cause the Windows® operating system to generate errors that freeze or slow your computer for no apparent reason!

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